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**Goal:** To build relationships with the tech community and to see immediate tools and prototypes.
+### Online Community
+A website, social networking group and/or email mailing list where people who use open data congregate to offer feedback, tips, new uses or reuses, data requests or case studies.
+*Ex: communities, NICAR/IRE, Code for America and Sunlight Foundation email listserv, Open Government Facebook and Google+ groups*
+**Goal:** To build and sustain ongoing relationships with media, nonprofits, good government advocates and civic technologists
+### FOIA Officers and Ombudsman
+Federal agency staff dedicated to handling Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from industry and media.
+*[The Office of Government Information Services (OGIS)]( at the National Archives and FOIA staff at agencies*
+**Goal:** To monitor and measure the incoming demand for data and proactively release data in response to that signal.
###[Templates and instructions](engagement/)

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