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Build Status

This is the watcher that watches the watched and reports the reports to

How it works

Overall, this system works as follows:

  • Every night, we launch a Travis CI job that:
    • Checks out the Jekyll source for
    • Updates copies of various data sources held elsewhere.
    • Analyses that data into aggregated forms.
    • Add this updated, aggregated data to the sources and data folders.
    • Commits the changes to the repository (which the causes the website to get updated)

There are a few different aggregation processes in place currently:

See to see how the format register aggregation works.

To Do


Talking to the wiki requires the 'pywikipedia' codebase which is installed here as a git submodule. See the pywikibot instructions for details:

Automated build and update process

travis env set GIT_NAME "Andrew Jackson"
travis env set GIT_EMAIL
travis env set GH_TOKEN XXXXXX

See also password.enc etc.

opf:foreg andy$ curl -u anjackson -d '{"scopes":["public_repo"],"note":"CI: sentinel"}' Enter host password for user 'anjackson': { "id": 12861208, "url": "", "app": { "name": "CI: sentinel (API)", "url": "", "client_id": "00000000000000000000" }, "token": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "note": "CI: sentinel", "note_url": null, "created_at": "2014-11-13T21:35:54Z", "updated_at": "2014-11-13T21:35:54Z", "scopes": [ "public_repo" ] }