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Neat Child

A Child Theme to use with 'Some Like it Neat.'

Not much to it; this is a bare bones child theme to use with Some Like it Neat (https://github.com/digisavvy/some-like-it-neat). Don't complain about shit bein' all minimal or about it having too much shit. It's yours now, you go mess the fucker up! This child theme is ultra minimal. There are many things missing. Its purpose is to help you get familiar with and using what's been built into 'Some Like it Neat.' Hope you enjoy it!

Whew! Sorry. I'm aggro. Now with more beer!

So, what's in place?

  • I included the 'library' directory from 'Some Like it Neat.' I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel and figured the inclusion would help make it easier to get up and running and see if you like the fucking theme in the first place
  • A few basic functions in functions.php to remove unwanted elements such as post format support, widgets/sidebars etc.

That's it. Go to to town, asshole.