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Beanstalk Deployments from your windows system tray.

Quick Install - Precompiled Binaries

  • Download the binaries or installer from the Downloads page
  • Install / Unzip where you want it
  • Start from your Start Menu or DeployBean.exe
  • Right-click on the tray icon and go to settings
  • You're good to go!

.NET Framework 4 is required - the install will download it if you don't have it


  • Click the Tray icon to bring up the deployment menu.
  • Navigate the menu with arrow keys + enter or the mouse.
  • Set a hotkey form the settings menu to launch the deploy menu.
  • It will remember the last repository you selected, and the last enviroment for each repository.
  • The latest commit will always be selected.
  • Only non-current enviroments show (if you select a past commit it will show current ones for roll-back).
  • Tray notification on deployment scucess or failure.
  • Add a second account to access two accounts from the same menu.

Hacking on DeployBean

  • Grab the VB.NET project by grabbings this repo and edit with Visual Studio or Visual Basic Express 2010
  • Open DeployBean.vbproj and hack away

If you make any improvements please send a pull request!


If the program crashes it's likely due to no internet connection, being behind a proxy (no proxy support yet), or bad login information.

Make sure you have the API enabled in you Beanstalk account - this could also cause it to crash.

This is by no means a polished program - very little error control is present - but given the nature of the Beanstalk API this means crashes are possible, not mistaken deployments.


DeployBean is released under the GNU General Public License -


Want to support my development of this app and other open source software?

Then send your pull requests

Or donate - PayPal Donate

Want a specific feature added?

Download the repo and add - don't forget that pull request

Or donate and let me know what you'd like to see

If you are a part of one of those companies that use Beanstalk and find this useful and you want to throw me a free account so I can make more cool stuff like this, that'd be awesome. digistump (a_t) gmail (d_o_t) com

###Special thanks to Beanstalk for providing a test account for development of this app