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Canton is a next-generation Daml ledger interoperability protocol that implements Daml's built-in models of authorization and privacy faithfully.

  • By partitioning the global state it solves both the privacy problems and the scaling bottlenecks of platforms such as Ethereum.

  • It allows developers to balance auditability requirements with the right to forget, making it well-suited for building GDPR-compliant systems.

  • Canton handles authentication and data transport through our so-called synchronization domains.

  • Domains can be deployed at will to address scalability, operational or trust concerns.

  • Domains can be implemented on top of various technologies, depending on the trust requirements.

  • Domains are permissioned but can be federated at no interoperability cost, yielding a virtual global ledger that enables truly global workflow composition.

Refer to the Canton Whitepaper for further details.


This repository hosts the open source version of Canton. The Enterprise version can be purchased from Digital Asset.


Please read Getting Started for instructions on how to get started with Canton.

Consult the Canton User Manual for further references of Canton's configuration, command-line arguments, or its console.