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// Copyright (c) 2019 Digital Asset (Switzerland) GmbH and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
package com.daml.ledger.participant.state
import com.digitalasset.daml.lf.transaction.{GenTransaction, Transaction}
import com.digitalasset.daml.lf.value.Value
/** Interfaces to read from and write to an (abstract) participant state.
* A DAML ledger participant is code that allows to actively participate in
* the evolution of a shared DAML ledger. Each such participant maintains a
* particular view onto the state of the DAML ledger. We call this view the
* participant state.
* Actual implementations of a DAML ledger participant will likely maintain
* more state than what is exposed through the interfaces in this package,
* which is why we talk about an abstract participant state. It abstracts
* over the different implementations of DAML ledger participants.
* The interfaces are optimized for easy implementation. The
* [[v1.WriteService]] interface contains the methods for changing the
* participant state (and potentially the state of the DAML ledger), which
* all ledger participants must support. These methods are for example
* exposed via the DAML Ledger API. Actual ledger participant implementations
* likely support more implementation-specific methods. They are however not
* exposed via the DAML Ledger API. The [[v1.ReadService]] interface contains
* the one method [[v1.ReadService.stateUpdates]] to read the state of a ledger
* participant. It represents the participant state as a stream of
* [[v1.Update]]s to an initial participant state. The typical consumer of this
* method is a class that subscribes to this stream of [[v1.Update]]s and
* reconstructs (a view of) the actual participant state. See the comments
* on [[v1.Update]] and [[v1.ReadService.stateUpdates]] for details about the kind
* of updates and the guarantees given to consumers of the stream of
* [[v1.Update]]s.
* We provide a reference implementation of a participant state in
* [[com.daml.ledger.participant.state.v1.impl.reference.Ledger]]. There we
* model an in-memory ledger, which has by construction a single participant,
* which hosts all parties. See its comments for details on how that is done,
* and how its implementation can be used as a blueprint for implementing
* your own participant state.
* We do expect the interfaces provided in
* [[com.daml.ledger.participant.state]] to evolve, which is why we
* provide them all in the
* [[com.daml.ledger.participant.state.v1]] package. Where possible
* we will evolve them in a backwards compatible fashion, so that a simple
* recompile suffices to upgrade to a new version. Where that is not
* possible, we plan to introduce new version of this API in a separate
* package and maintain it side-by-side with the existing version if
* possible. There can therefore potentially be multiple versions of
* participant state APIs at the same time. We plan to deprecate and drop old
* versions on separate and appropriate timelines.
package object v1 {
/** Identifier for the ledger, MUST match regexp [a-zA-Z0-9-]. */
type LedgerId = String
/** Identifiers for transactions.
* Currently unrestricted unicode (See issue #398). */
type TransactionId = String
/** Identifiers used to correlate submission with results.
* Currently unrestricted unicode (See issue #398). */
type CommandId = String
/** Identifiers used for correlating submission with a workflow.
* Currently unrestricted unicode (See issue #398). */
type WorkflowId = String
/** Identifiers for submitting client applications.
* Currently unrestricted unicode (See issue #398). */
type ApplicationId = String
/** Identifiers for nodes in a transaction. */
type NodeId = Transaction.NodeId
/** Identifiers for packages. */
type PackageId = Ref.PackageId
/** Identifiers for parties. */
type Party = Ref.Party
/** A transaction with relative and absolute contract identifiers.
* See [[WriteService.submitTransaction]] for details.
type SubmittedTransaction = Transaction.Transaction
/** A transaction with absolute contract identifiers only.
* Used to communicate transactions that have been accepted to the ledger.
* See [[WriteService.submitTransaction]] for details on relative and
* absolute contract identifiers.
type CommittedTransaction =
GenTransaction.WithTxValue[NodeId, Value.AbsoluteContractId]
/** A contract instance with absolute contract identifiers only. */
type AbsoluteContractInst =
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