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The Guardian of the Digital Preservation


Welcome to the Digital-guard repository of git projects. We are an not-for-profit... and we store all public curated data in git repositories.

If you are curious to know details about what we do. Details about us, visit the AddressForAll Institute website.

Get involved! 3 Alternatives

Please contact us at Git Issues in any git project, or at

1. Donate to the Digital-guard

As many other organizations, if you work in a governmental agency with public data, you can help to publish them. See the list of donors of some countries:

2. Nominate a Donator

If you known a governamental agency with non-published data, please say to us.

3. Validate a Donated pack

If you work with data, you can help us to check and confirm quality. See the list of datasets of some countries:

Logs and reports

Reports of packages available for download on AddressForAll Institute website:

Code of Conduct

You will find our template of Code of Conduct at


  1. preserv preserv Public

    Digital Preservation Project


  2. preserv-BR preserv-BR Public

    Digital Preservation of Brazilian metadata of donated maps.

    Shell 3

  3. preserv-CO preserv-CO Public

    Preservación digital de las principales fuentes de la base de datos AddressForAll-Colombia.


  4. preserv-EC preserv-EC Public

    Digital Preservation of Ecuador metadata of donated maps.

    Shell 1 1

  5. licenses licenses Public

    Forked from ppKrauss/licenses

    proposal for CSV of licenses, see


  6. preservCutGeo-BR2021 preservCutGeo-BR2021 Public

    A cutout of the Preserv-BR data, since 2021 with geographic profile.



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