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CSV Validator

A Validation Tool and APIs for validating CSV (Comma Separated Value) files by using CSV Schema.


Released under the Mozilla Public Licence version 2.0.

A comprehensive user guide is available in GitHub pages, along with a more complete specification of the CSV Schema language.


The Validation tool and APIs are written in Scala 2.11 and may be used as:

  • A stand-alone command line tool.

  • A desktop tool, we provide a simple Swing GUI.

  • A library in your Scala project.

  • A library in your Java project (We provide a Java 7 interface, to make things simple for Java programmers too).

The Validation Tool and APIs can be used on any Java Virtual Machine which supports Java 7 or better (NB Java 6 support was removed in version 1.1). The source code is built using the Apache Maven build tool, by executing mvn clean install.

Maven Artifacts

Released Maven Artifacts can be found in Maven Central under the groupId

Java API

If you wish to use the CSV Validator from your own Java project, we provide a native Java API, the dependency details are:


The Javadoc, can be found in either Maven Central or you can build it locally by executing mvn javadoc:javadoc.

Example Java code of using the CSV Validator through the Java API:

Boolean failFast = false;
List<Substitution> pathSubstitutions = new ArrayList<Substitution>();

List<FailMessage> messages = CsvValidator.validate(

 if(messages.isEmpty()) {
	System.out.println("Completed validation OK");
 } else {
 	for(FailMessage message : messages) {
 		if(message instanceof WarningMessage) {
 			System.out.println("[WARN] " + message.getMessage());
 		} else {
 			System.out.println("[ERROR] " + message.getMessage());

Scala API

Likewise, if you wish to use the CSV Validator from your own Scala project, the Scala API is part of the core, the dependency details are:


The Scaladoc, can be found in either Maven Central or you can build it locally by executing mvn scala:doc.

An example of using the Scala API can be found in the class from the csv-validator-java-api module. The Scala API at present gives much more control over the individual Schema Parsing and Validation Processor than the Java API.

Schema Examples

Examples of CSV Schema can be found in the test cases of the csv-validator-core module. See the *.csvs files in acceptance/. Schemas used by the Digital Preservation department at The National Archives are also available in the example-schemas folder of the csv-schema repository.

Current Limitations of the CSV Validator Tool

The CSV Validator implements almost all of CSV Schema 1.1 language, current limitations and missing functionality are:

  • DateExpr is not yet fully implemented (may raise Schema check error).

  • PartialDateExpr is not yet implemented (raises Schema check error).

  • At least MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, and SHA-256 checksum algorithms are supported. Probably many more as well as we defer to Java's class.