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CSV Schema files for working with CSV files exported from DROID profiles

This repo contains CSV Schema (.csvs) files for working with exports from the DROID file format identification tool. dedupe_files_from_DROID_report.csvs should be run against files like DROID_report.csv to look for duplicate files within a set of digtial material (ie files having the same checksum). DROID_integrity_check.csvs is designed to be run regularly against files like DROID_report_2.csv to verify that files have not been changed at all, all files are present, and no files or folders have been added.

DROID_report.csv was created from a DROID run which analysed files within "archive" containers such as .zip, whereas as DROID_report_2.csv did not look inside "archvies" as this causes difficulties with the fileIntegrity check mechanism in CSV Validator (and we can reasonably assume that if the checksum of the container is unchanged then nothing has happened to its contents either).

the folder structure in good/files should pass the file integrity check (when used with a suitable path substitution), but includes some duplicate files that would be flagged by the dedupe files schema, bad/files should fail the integrity check on several grounds.

More details are given in this blog post, DROID report as basis for collection integrity checks.

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