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Fix Net::HTTP adapter so that it returns `nil` for an empty body resp…


This mirrors the real behavior of Net::HTTP and is the source of myronmarston/vcr#173.

A couple things to note:

- Rather than hitting an external URL (, this should probably
  hit the local webmock server; however, I can't figure out how to make the
  webmock server return a different response for different requests since it's
  writing directly to the socket w/o any request context available. Maybe it
  should be refactored to use rack or sinatra?
- I have no idea why, but Curb is returning a 400 Bad Request response for
  the request. Weird. Not sure why or how to fix it.
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1 parent 887bf32 commit f7b323032e9df241900b7eaf967c8dd8f40d264d @myronmarston myronmarston committed Jun 12, 2012
@@ -128,7 +128,10 @@ def start_with_conditional_connect(&block)
def build_net_http_response(webmock_response, &block)
response = Net::HTTPResponse.send(:response_class, webmock_response.status[0].to_s).new("1.0", webmock_response.status[0].to_s, webmock_response.status[1])
- response.instance_variable_set(:@body, webmock_response.body)
+ body = webmock_response.body
+ body = nil if body.to_s == ''
+ response.instance_variable_set(:@body, body)
webmock_response.headers.to_a.each do |name, values|
values = [values] unless values.is_a?(Array)
values.each do |value|
@@ -17,5 +17,18 @@
played_back_response.headers.keys.should include('Set-Cookie')
played_back_response.should == real_response
+ let(:no_content_url) { '' }
+ [nil, ''].each do |stub_val|
+ it "returns the same value (nil or "") for a request stubbed as #{stub_val.inspect} that a real empty response has" do
+ WebMock.allow_net_connect!
+ real_response = http_request(:get, no_content_url)
+ stub_request(:get, no_content_url).to_return(:status => 204, :body => stub_val)
+ stubbed_response = http_request(:get, no_content_url)
+ stubbed_response.body.should eq(real_response.body)
+ end
+ end

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