Using the smile framework for text classification and additional preprocessing
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Text Classify

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Out of the box text classification library in java built on top of the smile framework.

Sentiment analysis

      TrainingData data = new TrainingData("data/training.txt");
      ArrayList<TextFeature> textFeatures = data.getTextFeatures();
      ArrayList<Integer> labels = data.getLabels();
      FeatureUtils.shuffle(textFeatures, labels);

      NormalizingTextTokenizer normalizingTextTokenizer = new NormalizingTextTokenizer();
      StemmingNGrammProcessor filteringProcessor = new StemmingNGrammProcessor(3, 3, 25);

      Set<Token> corpus =;
      DefaultTextPipeline pipeline = new DefaultTextPipeline(new BagOfWordsFeatureExtractor(corpus), normalizingTextTokenizer);

      BinaryTextClassifierTrainer binaryTextClassifierTrainer = new BinaryTextClassifierTrainer(0.5, 0.5, pipeline);

      // cross validate
      BinaryUtils.BinaryConfusionMatrixMeasure confusionMatrixMeasure = binaryTextClassifierTrainer
              .crossValidate(textFeatures.toArray(new TextFeature[0]),;" confusion matrix\n" + confusionMatrixMeasure);

      // train and validate
      int trainSize = 6000;
      TextFeature[] trainX =[]::new);
      int[] trainY =;

      TextFeature[] testX =[]::new);
      int[] testY =;

      TextClassifier classifier = binaryTextClassifierTrainer.train(trainX, trainY, null);
      int[] predictions =;

      int correct = 0;
      for (int i = 0; i < testY.length; i++) {
         if (predictions[i] == testY[i]) {


      double accurancy = correct / (double) testY.length;"Accuracy: " + accurancy);