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Javascript Anti-Hotlink Replacement Script
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This project is designed as a replacement javascript file to serve up in place of a hotlinked javascript from another site.

This script is not malicious and only generates superficial annoyances. It can disfigure a website which has linked to it in the following ways:

  • random - Random selection of one of the below.
  • alert - Generates a simple javascript alert() popup which kindly asks the site to stop hotlinking.
  • redirect - Redirects to another location.
  • link - Alters all links on the page to point to another location.
  • hide - Hides the entire website leaving only a blank page.
  • banner - Creates a banner at the top of the site asking to be removed.
  • cornify - This injects the cornify script from and adds sparkle and happiness on 5 second intervals.
  • translate - Redirects to a google translated version of the site in Swahili.
  • pad - Adds 300px of padding to all divs on the page.
  • title - Changes the title of the page.
  • hasselhoff - Changes all images on the site to reference a picture of David Hasselhoff with puppies.
  • overlay - Overlays a transparent div on top of the entires page to prevent interaction with the site.
  • flip - Flips all images upside down on the site in IE. Flips the entire page on other browsers.
  • fail - Redirects to a picture of FAIL.
  • move - Picks a direction and moves the margin body in that direction.
  • spaz - Jiggles the body margin.
  • vroomvroom - Gives the hotlinking site an extra 20hp and 15 ft/lb of torque.
  • rickroll - Self explanatory.


  1. Get people to hotlink to javascript files hosted on your site.
  2. Choose your weapon! The first argument on the last line of the script is the type of defacing you would like to use. Leave it set to random and I'll choose for you.
  3. Make it your own. The second argument on the last line of the script is a url. This is used by several of the alterations.
  4. Replace said hotlinked javascript with this script.

This project is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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