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Swift - Swift Internet Browser using WebViews Demo - Demo 22 of 30
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Swift - Swift Internet Browser using WebViews Demo - Demo 22 of 30

App created in Xcode 11.0 using Swift 5.0, iOS Deployment Target 13.0 and tested on a iPhone 11 Pro Max Emulator

In this demo app we demonstrate how to code a Swift Internet Browswer using WebViews.

There are so many interesting things within swift. This demo shows one way to code a web browser using webviews that you can consider using in your applications instead of going out to safari or another installed browser on your iOS device. The user clicks the icon in this demo and goes right into the web browser. On the top is a search bar option where you can put in your web url and go directly to it. Then in the body the default website that comes up is The app is setup so the Activity Indicator will show as the browser first loads up and then sometimes as its going through different sites for the short lag that can occour.

The navigation tools are located on the bottom bar with on the lower left a set of buttons beside each other for back then forward. There is a flexible space gap in the middle. Then on the right is the refresh button followed by the stop button. A Navigation controller is used in this app and you can see it on the bottom where the buttons are located along with some on top. The theme is dark in this app with the web browser area in white. Also the pop up keyboard is setup for a dark theme too.

Coming soon:
Details and the screen cap images of the app in use can be found on Digital Mirko.

Screen Cap on a iPhone 11 Pro Max device:(shown below)
(Top Left image) App started. Google pops up as the default web page to load.
(Top Middle Image) A search was initiated for the word "apple" and you can see the activity indicator animated.
(Top Right image) Google returns the result for "apple". Dark theme is applied to pop up keyboard.
(Bottom Left image) A website is clicked and the activity indicator pops up in an animated fashion.
(Bottom Middle Image) Video displayed from CNN's website.
(Bottom Right image) CNN's website displayed with article.

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