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Swift - Swift Map View App Demo - Demo 23 of 30
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Swift - Swift Map View App Demo - Demo 23 of 30

App created in Xcode 11.0 using Swift 5.0, iOS Deployment Target 13.0 and tested on a iPhone 11 Pro Max Emulator

In this demo app we demonstrate how to code a Swift Map View Application.

There are so many interesting things within Swift. This demo shows one way to code a Swift Map View Application. There are some pretty interesting things you can do with Apple's map within your application. The user clicks the demo icon and is taken right into the app. They come to a title on top 'Map View' then to the right a 'Directions' button. This button when clicked gives your directions from where you currenlty are to the default location that is displayed initially as the app starts. Right below the top bar is running a Hybrid (Standard/Satellite) map view of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

You can see a color aerial view looking down on downtown Chicago long with some street and location information. Then right below on the bottom bar we see 4 buttons (3 on the left, 1 on the right). The three on the left demonstrate a few options available for types of Maps views. Note there are more options then these three. The three options used are 'Standard' view which shows a map view of the area. Then a 'Satellite' view which shows a color view looking down on the details and buildings. Followed by a 'Hybrid' view which is a combination of 'Standard' and 'Hybrid' views together.

On the right is one button 'Locate'. This is designed to locate where you are on the map. When clicked it will go to that area, marking your location with an animated blue pin. When the buttons require your location information prompts are setup to ask you to allow this feature or it will not be shown.

In the demo screen caps shown below we go though a number of various options such as the application launching. The Map View pin(red ballon with pin graphic within) where the default subject (Willis Tower) is displayed with location information under various views. Then when the 'Locate' button is clicked, asking for you to allow access to your location. Followed by a pin showing your position if you allow it too. Then using the 'Directions' button to give you directions from your current location after you allow it permission to see it to the Willis town in a step by step break down.

Coming soon:
Details and the screen cap images of the app in use can be found on Digital Mirko.

Screen Cap on a iPhone 11 Pro Max device:(shown below)
Row 1
(Left image) App started. Apple Maps loads up with the Willis Tower in a Hybrid view.
(Middle Image) Standard view displayed.
(Right image) Zoomed in Standard view displayed.

Row 2
(Left image) Satellite view displayed.
(Middle Image) Standard view with Map View pin displayed of the Willis Tower with its address.
(Right image) View is zoomed in more on Pinned area.

Row 3
(Left image) App started again.
(Middle Image) Locate button clicked, permission from user requested to proceed.
(Right image) Permission granted, your location now shown in an animated blue pin view on the map.

Row 4
(Left image) Both locations displayed.
(Middle Image) Directions button clicked, permission from user requested to proceed.
(Right image) New view opens up, loading from previous location views tests as it shows ours now.

Row 5
(Left image) 1st page of directions shown with 'Go' button to proceed.
(Middle Image) Directions started.
(Right image) Directions continued.

Row 6
(Left image) Directions continued.
(Middle Image) 'End' button clicked back to original location where user is currently located.

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