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Swift - Swift TableView Image And Text Demo - Demo 12 of 30
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Swift - Swift TableView Image And Text Demo - Demo 12 of 30

App created in Xcode 10.3 (10G8) using Swift 4.2, iOS Deployment Target 12.4 and tested on a iPhone Xr Emulator

In this demo app we demonstrate how to code a swift Table View with an Image, Image Title and Details Demo app.

When the user clicks the icon they are taken right into the app. They are greeted on top with a label that displays the app title "Swift Table View Image & Text Demo". Then right below is a Table View populated with cells that show rows that display a watch face graphic image on the left followed by the Title and Details on the right. The Cell Row Heights are 60 withe the graphic image being 50x50 to display a nice sized image and some white space between the graphics.

Coming soon:
Details and the screen cap images of the app in use can be found on Digital Mirko.

Screen Cap on a iPhone Xr device:(shown below)
(Middle Image) App started. TableView with Large Image on the left with the Title and Details in text on the right side.

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