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Swift - Swift UIImagePickerController Demo - Demo 9 of 30
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Swift - Swift UIImagePickerController Demo - Demo 9 of 30

App created in Xcode 10.3 (10G8) using Swift 4.2, iOS Deployment Target 12.4 and tested on a iPhone Xr Emulator

In this demo app we demonstrate how to code a swift UIImagePickerController Demo app.

When the user clicks the icon they are taken right into the app. They are greeted on top Navigation bar area with the title 'UIImagePickerController Demo". Then to the right is a camera icon on the same nav bar. Right below is a TextView with a famouse quote that was said by Steve Jobs in his Apple commercials on the 'Think different' campaign. Its the writings of Rob Siltanen 'Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels.." Then followed right below that is a UIImageView area that is invisible on start up but will be used to place a selected image in.

As the app is running the user clicks the camera icon and they are taken to the Photos section. In this example the user clicks the 'Camera Roll' option. Then the user clicks the image and they are taken back to the first layout with the image embedded in the body below the text in the UIImageView section. The app is also designed so that if the user goes and changes their mind and they don't want to select an image they just click the 'Cancel' option in the top bar and the choice option is canceled and they are returned to the starting view without any changes made.

Coming soon:
Details and the screen cap images of the app in use can be found on Digital Mirko.

Screen Cap on a iPhone Xr device:(shown below)
(Left image) App started.
(Middle Image) Camera button clicked, Photos area was shown then the Camera Roll is selected and displayed.
(Right image) Photo selected from the Camera Roll and displayed in the UIImageView area below.

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