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Swift - Swift UIViews Demo - Demo 15 of 30
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UIViews Demo


Swift - Swift UIViews Demo - Demo 15 of 30

App created in Xcode 10.3 (10G8) using Swift 4.2, iOS Deployment Target 12.4 and tested on a iPhone Xr Emulator

In this demo app we demonstrate how to code a swift UIView Demo app.

There are so many interesting things within swift. This demo shows one way to use UIViews in an app.

As the user gets into the app. They see a button on top labeled 'Show the View'. Once they click it a view is displayed right below. It was always there but setup so when the app first starts it is hidden. Inside the view the background is colored orange with a series of items present only within the view.

On the top of the view is a button labeled 'Hide this View' which when clicked will hide this view and all of its contents. Then right below is a Text Field, then a Horizontal Slider then a Switch followed by a Text View with some text.

In this demo we use the 'isHidden' option within swift to display (false) or hide (true) options

Coming soon:
Details and the screen cap images of the app in use can be found on Digital Mirko.

Screen Cap on a iPhone Xr device:(shown below)
(Left image) App started (the View is hidden by default).
(Middle Image) 'Show the View' button clicked and the View is displayed right below.
(Right image) Within the view 'Hide this View' button clicked and the View is hidden again.

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