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Library for reading/writing credentials
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Library for reading/writing credentials


verify(identity, options, callback)

Verifies digital signature on identity object and any credentials it contains. The call takes the following arguments:

  • identity (required object) - the idenity to check
  • the identity object is defined here:
  • options (object)
  • checkTimestamp (boolean) - check signature timestamp (default: true) on the main Identity credential.
  • maxTimestampDelta (int) - signature must be created within a window of this many seconds (default: 15 minutes).
  • documentLoader(url, callback(err, remoteDoc)) (function) - the document loader.
  • callback(err, result) (function) - the callback receives the following object:
  verified: <true/false>,
  identity: <framed identity>,
  domain: <domain the signature was signed for>,
  publicKey: <public key object for the creator of the signature>,
  publicKeyOwner: <identity object for the creator of the signature>,
  // a map of verified objects for each credential (ID => verified)
  credentials: {}

send(options, callback)

Sends credentials to a URL using http-signatures for authentication. The call takes the following arguments:

  • options (required object)
  • url (required string) - the url to send the credential to
  • credential (required object) - the credential that is sent to the url
  • the credential object is defined here:
  • privateKeyPem (required string)
  • publickKeyId (required string)
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