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DID Whisper Client (did-whisper)

A demo encrypted pastebin client using Veres One DID Documents

Table of Contents


Please note that this is a demo / proof-of-concept only, and makes no security guarantees.

Also, sent messages are anonymous (the recipient has no way of knowing who sent the message).


Requires Node.js 8.6+.

git clone https://github.com/digitalbazaar/did-whisper.git
cd did-whisper
npm install
npm link


The client is designed to work with a did-whisper-server instance running somewhere, either locally on your machine or on some server.

If you're offline or prefer not to use a server to store the encrypted messages (so you can pass along just their URLs), you can encrypt and decrypt raw text directly (using the -n flag to encrypt).

Encrypting messages

To encrypt a message (and receive a link to where it's stored):

did-whisper encrypt <did> [message] [options]

The message can be included inline, or redirected from stdin. For example:

$ did-whisper encrypt did:v1:test:nym:2pfPix2tcwa7gNoMRxdcHbEyFGqaVBPNntCsDZexVeHX < message.txt

would encrypt the contents of the file message.txt.

The did-whisper client automatically saves the encrypted message to a did-whisper-server service (unless it cannot be reached, or the -n option is passed in.

Encrypting Options

  • -e, --exp - Expire message in this time period (valid options: 5m, 1h, 1d, 1w). Default: 1w.
  • -s, --store - URL of the did-whisper-server to save messages to. Default: https://whisper.demo.veres.one.
  • -n, --no-store - Do not save the message, just output the encrypted text to stdout. Default: false.

Decrypting messages

If you just have the message URL:

did-whisper decrypt <saved message url>

If you have the raw encrypted message and know the recipient DID (it must be a locally stored DID, since the client uses the private key stored in the DID Document):

did-whisper decrypt <did> [message]

The encrypted message can be included inline, or redirected from stdin.


See the contribute file!

PRs accepted.

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


New BSD License (3-clause)