Equihash Proof of Work for Node.js
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Equihash Proof of Work for Node

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Equihash is a tunable asymmetric proof of work algorithm where it is difficult to generate a proof, but easy to verify one. The algorithm makes it difficult to build custom hardware to generate the proof by ensuring forced CPU and memory trade offs. The algorithm is useful for cryptocurrency mining as well as building solutions that require a proof of work capability.


npm install equihash

The Equihash API

  • solve(input, options, callback(err, proof))
  • verify(input, proof)

Usage Example

const equihash = require('equihash')('khovratovich');

// input seed for equihash (up to 512 bits)
const input = crypto.createHash('sha256').update('test1234', 'utf8').digest();
const options = {
  n: 90,
  k: 5

equihash.solve(input, options, (err, proof) => {
  if(err) {
    return console.log('Failed to generate proof:', err);

  console.log('Equihash proof:', proof)
  console.log('Valid proof? ', equihash.verify(input, proof));

Test Suite

npm install
npm run test