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Contributing to PyLD

Want to contribute to PyLD? Great! Here are a few notes:


  • In general, follow the common PEP 8 Style Guide.
  • Try to make the code pass flake8 checks.
    • flake8 lib/pyld/
  • Use version X.Y.Z-dev in dev mode.
  • Use version X.Y.Z for releases.


Release Process

  • commit changes
  • $EDITOR lib/pyld/ update to release version and remove -dev suffix.
  • git commit lib/pyld/ -m "Release {version}."
  • git tag {version}
  • $EDITOR lib/pyld/ update to next version and add -dev suffix.
  • git commit lib/pyld/ -m "Start {next-version}."
  • git push --tags

To ensure a clean upload, use a clean checkout, and run the following:

  • git checkout {version}
  • python sdist upload