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Browser Bible

A browser based Bible Study Application built with the power triad of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


HTML and JavaScript based Bible software that can run

  • on any browser
  • on any device
  • in any nation

The application has full search and highlighting features but requires

  • no install
  • no server
  • no trace

To make this happen, there are two ways to view the same biblical content

  • Mobile Version - The mobile version uses jQuery Mobile to navigate through the Bible chapter by chapter
  • Desktop Version - The desktop version is a multipane application based off ideas at


Original Language Data

Many of the texts are the product of the hard work of many individuals dedicated to open source work including Open Scriptures and CrossWire. Thanks for the great work!

English Versions

Non-English Verions

  • The remaining versions in this repository were downloaded from Unbound Bible

Road Map

0.1 Todo List

  • Main windows and scrolling
  • Basic strongs numbers and greek parsing
  • Basic search functionality
  • Footnotes display in the footer
  • Switched from rel=v001001001 to data-osis=Gen.1.1 and Gen_1_1 classes
  • Built exporters for OSIS/XML, USMF, Unbound
  • Built WLC, Tischendorf importers
  • index.html, about.html for all languages/versions

0.2 Todo List

  • Put version info into version.json within folder, then load dynamically
  • Store current state / preferences
  • Add/delete columns
  • Chapter/verse Navigation Dropdown
  • Add original language tools (highlighting tense/voice/freq)
  • Improve selector speed using classes rather than attributes
  • Change theme colors
  • Change font size within the reader
  • Allow version to switch if a book is missing (WLC -> tisch is hardcoded)
  • Build NASB adn NET importer

0.3 Todo List

  • Strong's based searching
  • Strong's/Thayer/BDB popups
  • Add images links
  • Add Audio player
  • Add video launcher
  • handle missing books (e.g. Psalms and NT)
  • handle apocrypha

Wish List

  • Search stemmer
  • Original language conceptual searches (love => hesed, agape, phileo, etc. => lovingkindness)
  • Compare versions
  • Exegetical Guide
  • Audio read along

Known Issues

  • Notes and CF needs work
  • OSIS quotes span over verses
  • USMF doesn't handle quote lines (OEB, WEB)
  • Custom scroll bars
  • Verse links from notes/cfs
  • Images/Video always visible
  • Settings On/Off Swtich
  • Red letters switch


Full-fledged Bible software that runs in mobile and desktop browsers. Intended to run off an SD chip in closed countries.






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