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WordCamp Brisbane Sample Code

The following scripts utilise WP-ClI to create local WordPress test/development environments. The first is a base script that will install a simple site with some common plugins. The second script will install and configure a WooCommerce store.

These scripts were developed as apart of the demo for my talk at WordCamp Brisbane 2015.


This will install a local wordpress site in the sitedir location with the date appended to the end

Variables that need to be modified.

Open wp-base.sh and update the following variables to suit your needs.

BASE_PLUGINS='jetpack wordfence wordpress-seo wordpress-importer contact-form-7'

Usage: ./wp-base.sh sitedir sitename Example: ./wp-base.sh dev "My Local Dev Site"

This will create a directory called wcbne-YYYY-MM-DD (where the date is the current date) and will have a site called "My Local Dev Site" this will be located in the WEBROOT location.


This script relays on the wp-base.sh script above and for this reason you will need to change your plugin list above. This will install and configure WooCommerce and install and configure the free Storefront theme

Due to the dependence on the above script the usage is the same.

Usage: ./wc-store.sh sitedir sitename Example: ./wc-store.sh wc "My Demo WC Store"

Tested On

This has been tested on a MAMP stack but should also work on a linux/unix host.