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# Site settings
baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Hugo Freelancer Theme"
theme = "hugo-freelancer-theme"
# You can use Markdown syntax for urls [text](// for
# most longer texts.
# To provide some metadata for search engines feel free to add a few
# information about you and your website.
name = "Mr. Hugo"
description = "My awesome description"
# Since this template is static, the contact form uses as a
# proxy. The form makes a POST request to their servers to send the actual
# email. Visitors can send up to a 1000 emails each month for free.
# What you need to do for the setup?
# - set your email address under 'email' below
# - upload the generated site to your server
# - send a dummy email youself to confirm your account
# - click the confirm link in the email from
# - you're done. Happy mailing!
email = ""
# Custom assets
custom_css = []
custom_js = []
brand = "Mr. Hugo's Portfolio"
# Copy your own image into './static/img/'' if you wish
image = "profile.png"
name = "Mr. Hugo"
subtitle = "Blogger - Programmer - Gopher"
# All projects defined in their own files. You can find example projects
# at 'exampleSite/data/projects'. Copy the 'projects' folder into the 'data' directory
# at the root of this Hugo site.
# For more informtion take a look at the README.
title = "Portfolio"
client = "Client"
date = "Date"
category = "Category"
buttontext = "Close"
title = "About"
# The about text is splitted into a left and right column
left = "Freelancer is a free bootstrap theme created by Start Bootstrap. The download includes the complete source files including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as optional LESS stylesheets for easy customization."
right = "Whether you're a student looking to showcase your work, a professional looking to attract clients, or a graphic artist looking to share your projects, this template is the perfect starting point!"
text = "Download theme"
link = "//"
icon = "download"
title = "Contact"
# 'error' defines error messages for invalid inputs
text = "Name"
error = "Please enter your name."
text = "Email Address"
error = "Please enter your email address."
text = "Phone Number"
error = "Please enter your phone number."
text = "Message"
error = "Please enter a message."
text = "Send"
copyright = "Published under the Apache License 2.0. Powered by [Hugo](//"
title = "Location"
# Postal address (add as many lines as necessary)
address = ["3481 Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills, CA 90210"]
title = "Around the web"
# All icons using Fontawesome's icon font. Look at
# for more icons. The icons are represented by their corresponding
# CSS class.
icon = "fa-github"
link = "//"
icon = "fa-stack-overflow"
link= "//"
title = "About Freelancer"
text = "Freelance is a free to use, open source Bootstrap theme created by [Start Bootstrap](//"