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The following attributes are defined for the DDConvexHullNode:

input (input)

Type: Compound/Array

Desc: The input attribute is a compound array attribute to allow multiple input meshes and component lists as inputs to the convex hull calculations. Useful for when a convex hull needs to wrap separate pieces of geometry

inputPolymesh (ip)

Type: Mesh

Desc: An input polymesh for the convex hull. Typical connections are from either outMesh or worldMesh attributes. Required if setting the inputComponents attribute.

inputComponents (ics)

Type: ComponentList

Desc: A list of components on the object for the hull to act upon. If no components are specified, then the hull will use all the vertices from the inputPolymesh. Only faces, edges, and vertex components are currently supported.

maxVertices (max)

Type: Integer

Desc: Specifies the target number of vertices for the resultant output hull. This is useful when generating a mesh for runtime physics engines that check every triangle of the hull for collisions. A lower number will mean a more efficient, but less detailed collision mesh. Note that using a skinWidth and modifying the normalEpsilon may result in a mesh that is close, but not exactly the specified maxVertices.

skinWidth (skw)

Type: Double

Desc: When skin width is enabled, this specifies the distance between the convex hull and the wrapped mesh. This is useful when working with physics systems that require a bit of a buffer between the collision geometry and the render geometry.

skinWidthEnabled (skwen)

Type: Bool

Desc: Enables or disables the skin width functionality of the Convex Hull

normalEpsilon (ep)

Type: Double

Desc: The epsilon value for removing duplicate input vertices for the hull. As the number approaches 1, more and more vertices are considered to be "duplicates" and thus, ignored in the hull calculation. Typically this attribute doesn't need to be modified from its default value, unless the scale of the object in Maya is incredibly large.

reverseNormals (rev)

Type: Bool

Desc: Specifies whether or not the normals in the output hull are facing outward (default) or inward. When this value is True, then the normals will face inward.

output (out)

Type: Mesh

Desc: the calculated hull result is stored in the output attribute of the hull. It will need to be plugged into a mesh node I order to be accessible in the scene.

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