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The Digital Evidence Preservation Toolkit

(Or DEPToolkit for short. Bit of a mouthful otherwise)

A proof-of-concept software for researchers and small teams sifting through online material. With only one click of the mouse, the material will be archived in a framework demonstrating chain of custody and stored durably. Once included in the growing database, users will be able to go back to search through and annotate the material, and to export working copies of said material for publication and dissemination.

A database built thusly can be handed to a prosecutor ten years down the line, and they will be able to say with mathematical certainty: “the material in this archive is identical and contemporary to the one saved at the time, ten years ago.”

Built with the support of Prototype Fund, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and Amazon Web Services.


The Docker Compose orchestration is composed of several services:

  • An Express/TypeScript API,
  • A plain JS browser extension
  • And a frontend

To start the whole app:

$ docker-compose up

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