Chrome 21 bug or limejs bug? white line appears in the animation #33

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In chrome 20 the animation runs well, but in chrome 21 a very ugly white line (1 pixel wide) will appear when running MoveTo or ScaleTo animation. FadeTo does not have this problem.


I am having the same issue on Chrome 21 for OS X. You can see the problem running the opening animation of the VoodooFriends game @
The lines appear when the scene is viewed at more than 100%, so I believe it is a css scaling problem in chrome 21.
Any help would be greatly appreciated & keep up the good work!


Thats pretty bad. I'll try to look if there's anything we can do about it later today. It does not seem to appear all the time but its very visible in Voodoo friends.

So if anybody has a workaround, an example of this appearing without limejs or a link to a chrome bug please let others know.


Toni, here is a similar issue using jQuery:


Still haven't managed to get a workaround but at least Voodoo Friends appears OK now on Canary. Could someone confirm this as it seems quite graphics card specific.

Also #28 appears to be quite similar. Maybe it just got more intense on Chrome21.


I can confirm that the issue has been fixed in Canary. I've done some tests with our custom games and the animations are running smoothly. Cheers!


This issue is still occurring on Chrome Stable v22 which was just released yesterday, but it is not occurring on Canary v23+. Is the solution for this to just wait until Chrome's stable release hits v23 (which could be a month or more away)?


Chrome 23 is now stable. Please notify me if you still see this issue.

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