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WAX9: 9-axis streaming IMU


The WAX9 is Bluetooth compatible multi-sensory platform. It boasts a 3-axis accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer as well as a temperature and barometric pressure sensor. The WAX9 was developed with a wide range of applications in mind ranging from digital interaction to biomechanics research.

The WAX9 sensor is based on an ultra-low power 16bit architecture using a PIC micro-controller. The firmware supports a serial based API (accessible over Bluetooth or USB) and transmitted data can be formatted in a variety of ASCII or binary encoded formats. The WAX9 API also supports sensitivity and sample rate configuration of each sensor stream leading to a fully application specific solution.


Case Studies

Airwriting; Intuitive Text Entry

Manual text entry is becomes problematic when keyboard become small; classically on mobile devices. While some focus has been made to innovate around keyboard layout and design, Airwriting explores a completely new approach. Airwriting presents an automatic text recognition platform driven by signals gathered at the wrist (via a WAX9). This project was lead by Christoph Amma at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and since release has won multiple awards including the Google Faculty Award and Otto-Haxel Award. The project was also on display at CEBIT 2014.



The WAX9 device is available from Open Movement open source [distributors] (Distributors).

Selected Publications

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