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Although the Our Story infrastructure is flexible and can be used in many contexts, you will need a minimum amount of technology to start a deployment.

Minimum Equipment Requirement

  • Reasonably powerful laptop (>= 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 4 Core)
    • Windows 10 Professional / Education or Mac OSX is preferred.
    • Administrator access required (to install applications)
  • Minimum of 4 Android devices
    • Android version > 5.0
  • WiFi Router

Optional Equiment

  • Extra laptop batteries

Our Story Tested Standard Kit

Prices are estimates, other brands and suppliers exist, this is meant only as a guide.

Quantity Item Cost Link
4 10" Android Tablet 200 GBP
4 Tablet Case 16 GBP
1 Battery WiFi Router 60 GBP
4 Wired Lapel Mic 15 GBP
1 Battery Speaker 30 GBP
1 Battery Projector 412 GBP
1 Charging Station 22 GBP