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<title>DIGITAL <b>JEDI</b>ISM</title>
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<div class=container-fluid style=width:350>
<header class=text-center>
<h1>digital jediism
<hr style='margin: 14 22 12 22; border: 0;border-bottom: 1px solid black; opacity: 0.2'>
<small style=font-size:20>The new religion for the digital age.</small>
<ol class=lead>
<li><span>Meaning is god</span>.</li>
<li><span>Communcation is sacred</span>.</li>
<li><span>Scarcity is sacrilege</span>.</li>
<li><span><i><a href=>Find the others!</a></i></span></li>
<p class='bg-info text-center' style='padding: 8 12 8 13; font-size: 17; margin-bottom: 19'>
From which directly follows that <br> Facebook is a <em>hotbed</em> of sin.
How could you *not* want to join? 😉</p>
<dl class="dl-horizontal" style=margin-bottom:10>
Star and become a
<a href=>discordian pope</a>:
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<a aria-label="Star digitaljediism/ on GitHub" data-count-aria-label="# stargazers on GitHub" data-count-api="/repos/digitaljediism/" data-count-href="/digitaljediism/" data-style="mega" href="" class="github-button">Star</a>
<aside class=text-center>
<!-- Ok, that was fun for a while =)
<a href= style=border:0>
<img src=vendor/ class=total alt='666 days of participation in total. Good day for the birth of a new religion.'>
<small style=color:grey>
<b></b> <a href= style=border-bottom-color:#ccc>online since</a> May 27, 2015</small>
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