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Arduino Z-code Interpreter Program

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Arduino Z-code Interpreter Program

This version of the Z-code interpreter is derived from Jzip created by John Holder.
More information about Jzip, including the source code can by found here:

Hardware Dependencies:
Formatted SD card
I am using the SD card interface on the Arduino Ethernet Shield, but you should be able to use any Arduino compatible SD card interface.

Getting Started Steps:
1. Copy a Z-Machine game file to the SD card and name it "GAME.DAT".
2. Compile and upload the sketch to the Arduino.
3. Open the Arduino Serial Monitor, set the baud rate to 9600 and the line ending to Newline.
4. The sketch will pause waiting for the return key.
5. After hitting the return key, within a few seconds you should see the welcome screen in the serial monitor.
6. You can begin typing commands in the top portion of the serial monitor, next to the Send button.

I have include a copy Mini-Zork I downloaded from here:

Game files can be found several places on the internet, a good source for games is The Interactive Fiction Archive:

Zork I, II, and III can be downloaded here:

Due to the limits of RAM and FLASH, I removed most of the screen handling capability. 
I removed the game save and restore capability. I will continue to see if I can add some basic game save/restore capability.
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