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Releases: digitallinguistics/scription


10 Jul 00:12
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NEW: support custom lines (officially) (#41)
NEW: add Time Duration line (\t) (#40)
CHANGE: Note line may have backslash code even when other lines do not (#47)


09 May 02:24
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NEW: add support for emphasis using asterisks (#39)
NEW: add support for a source line (\s)


07 May 04:52
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  • NEW: add default schema for 4-line utterances (#29)
  • NEW: add literal word translation line (\wlt) (#35)
  • NEW: add word transcriptions line (\w) (#36)
  • NEW: add utterance metadata line (#) (#32)
  • CHANGE: treat duplicate glosses within the same word as discontinuous morphemes (#30)
  • CHANGE: the morphemic analysis (\m) and glosses (\gl) lines must be codependent (#33)
  • CHANGE: non-breaking hyphens must be treated as word characters (#34)
  • CHANGE: note lines (\n) should follow the same language-identifying convention as other lines (#38)
  • DOCS: clarify that infixes are supported (#31)


01 May 05:48
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  • FIX: remove references to \morph backslash code (#26)
  • NEW: support grouping of words using [square brackets] (#24)
  • CHANGE: backslash codes should only allow basic alphanumeric characters (#25)
  • CHANGE: duplicate backslash codes must have a language or orthography specified (#28)


07 Apr 19:03
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CHANGE: The interlinear gloss schema is now inferred from the first utterance in a text. The \schema backslash code is no longer needed. If the first utterance contains only backslash codes, it is not treated as data, just as as schema.

CHANGE: Language abbreviations for translations, glosses, and notes are now required to be valid ISO language tags. (For transcriptions, however, valid ISO tags are recommended but not required).

CHANGE: The note (\n) line is now structured as follows: {source} ({language}): {text}.

CHANGE: Require the speaker line (\sp) to be a valid DLx abbreviation.

CHANGE: Improve wording and clarity throughout the specification.

DOCS: Clarify that the gloses line (\gl) may be in multiple languages.

DOCS: Clarify that quotes may be used in translations for reported speech.

TYPO: incorrect phonemic slashes


18 Mar 03:14
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  • adds support for parsing of 2-line formats when no interlinear schema is specified
  • minor updates to documentation

A 2-line utterance should now be interpreted as a transcription and a translation by default.


15 Mar 20:42
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This release adds Zenodo citation information to the readme.


15 Mar 20:28
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This is the initial release of the specification for the scription text format. While the specification is complete, it should still be considered as in development, since it is not yet being used in production.