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Contributing Guidelines

Suggesting Changes

The project would especially benefit from the following types of suggestions:

  • Is there some part of the specification that could be structured more simply, without losing any information?

  • Is there a use case, property, or other piece of information that linguists commonly use that hasn't been included in the specification?

  • Are there any parts of the specification that are unclear or could be made clearer?

  • Is there a type of linguistic object or data that isn't included in the specification?

  • Can the documentation be improved?

Development Steps

  • Fork the repository and clone it to your computer.

  • Create an issue branch for the changes you are making. You should only make changes on this branch for the issue you are currently working on.

  • Install Node.js. Use the version specified in the engines field of the package.json file. If you need to manage multiple versions of Node.js on your computer, install nvm or nvm windows.

  • Install project dependencies by running npm install from the command line in the project root.


The following scripts can be run from the command line:

  • npm run build: convert YAML > JSON
  • npm run convert: convert the YAML schemas to JSON
  • npm run docs: regenerate the project documentation
  • npm test: run tests
  • npm run upload: upload the schemas to the DLx CDN