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Thanks for contributing to the DLx transliterate project! Pull requests for improvements to this library are welcome. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Open an issue for the changes you'd like to make, if one doesn't already exist.

  2. Install the latest LTS release of Node.js.

  3. Clone the repository.

  4. Create an issue branch for the changes you'll be making.

  5. Install the project: From the command line, navigate to the project folder and run npm install.

  6. Update the documentation for the changes you plan to make.

  7. Update or write (failing) tests for the changes you plan to make. Tests are written using Jasmine and can be run using npm test from the command line.

  8. Make your changes in the transliterate.js file. Please check that your code adheres to the ESLint stylesheet located in the project root (.eslintrc.yml), and document exceptions using eslint-ignore.

  9. Make sure you update inline code comments, if you haven't already.

  10. Rebuild the project: npm run build. This bundles the source code into transliterate.bundle.js for use as a library, and generates the documentation for the library.

  11. Rerun the tests (npm test) and adjust your code as needed to pass the tests.

  12. Update your branch with the latest changes from the master branch, adjusting your code and rerunning tests as necessary.

  13. Open a pull request from your issue branch into the master branch.

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