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DLI PLC49 firmware source code currently requires a Linux system to build (patches to make crosstool build work on other UN*X-like systems welcome).

Notable build dependencies (except those typically found on development machines) include Lua 5.1 and lua-filesystem.

Running 'make' in this directory should generate a plc49.bin firmware file. It will contain both the NodeMCU firmware and the SPIFFS filesystem image which stores the actual (compressed) data and (compiled) scripts for PLC49.

Running 'make flash' will flash the generated firmware onto the PLC49 (check out, it allows configuring port/baud rate from environment). You will need to press and release the RST button while holding the PGM button to switch the PLC49 into firmware upload mode before running 'make flash'. It is not necessary to hold the PGM button throughout the flashing process.

If you spend much time changing the PLC49 data or scripts, you will find commands modifying the PLC49 filesystem (without full reflash) useful. 'make upload' will clear the device's filesystem and re-upload the whole set of files (it uses the same environment variables as 'make flash' for port and baud rate). 'make upload-update' will do the same, but try to upload only the changed files (keeping track of what it expects to be present on the device in a separate directory).


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