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v0.12.0 (Beta 10.07.2021)

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@mpscholten mpscholten released this 10 Jul 12:26
· 2226 commits to master since this release

A new IHP release with new features and bug fixes. Over 100 commits have been merged since the last release 馃殌

Major Changes

  • Pagination:
    IHP has a new built-in pagination module.

    Given an action like this:

        action PostsAction = do
            posts <- query @Post
                    |> orderBy #createdAt
                    |> fetch
            render IndexView { .. }

    We can paginate our results by adding a call to paginate:

        action PostsAction = do
            (postsQuery, pagination) <- query @Post
                    |> orderBy #createdAt
                    |> paginate
            posts <- postsQuery |> fetch
            render IndexView { .. }

    We also need to change the view:

    module Web.View.Posts.Index where
    import Web.View.Prelude
    data IndexView = IndexView
        { posts :: [Post]
        , pagination :: Pagination -- <---- Pass pagination variable to the view
    instance View IndexView where
        html IndexView { .. } = [hsx|
                {forEach posts renderPost}
            {renderPagination pagination} -- <---- CALL renderPagination

    Here's how the pagination looks like in the view:


    When you're adding a new Controller to your app, you can use the new pagination checkbox to automatically generate the needed code:


  • Job Timeouts:
    You can now configure a timeout for Job Workers:

    instance Job EmailCustomersJob where
        perform EmailCustomersJob { .. } = do
          customers <- query @Customer |> fetch
          forEach customers sendToCustomer
            sendToCustomer customer = sendMail (MarketingMail customer)
        timeoutInMicroseconds = Just $ 1000000 * 60 -- 60 seconds

    See the documentation for details

  • Added function to delete files from the cloud storage
    You can now use removeFileFromStorage to remove uploaded files from S3 or any other configured cloud storage:

    action DeleteUploadedFileAction { uploadedFileId } = do
        uploadedFile <- fetch uploadedFile
        let storedFile = StoredFile
             { path = get #objectPath uploadedFile
             , url = get #url uploadedFile
        removeFileFromStorage storedFile
        deleteRecord uploadedFile
        redirectTo UploadedFilesAction
  • Custom CORS policies
    If you're building APIs with IHP you can now specify a custom CORS policy:

    -- Config.hs
    import qualified Network.Wai.Middleware.Cors as Cors
    config :: ConfigBuilder
    config = do
        option Development
        option (AppHostname "localhost")
        -- The boolean True specifies if credentials are allowed for the request. You still need to set withCredentials on your XmlHttpRequest
        option Cors.simpleCorsResourcePolicy { Cors.corsOrigins = Just (["localhost"], True) }
  • New Helper Function: allEnumValues
    Given a enum defined in the Schema.sql like this:

    CREATE TYPE colors AS ENUM ('yellow', 'red', 'blue');

    you can call allEnumValues to get a list of all the colors:

    let allColors = allEnumValues @Color
    -- allColors = [ Yellow, Red, Blue ]

    This also works if you define custom type in Web/Types.hs that is deriving Enum:

    data Color = Yellow | Red | Blue deriving (Enum)
    let allColors = allEnumValues @Color
    -- allColors = [ Yellow, Red, Blue ]
  • Respond with XML in your action:

    We added a renderXml function:

    action MyVeryEnterprisyAction = do
        renderXml "<xml></xml>"
  • Added support for Unique Indices

    You can now use CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statements inside your Schema.sql:

    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX users_index ON users (user_name);

Other Changes


See the for upgrade instructions.

If you have any problems with updating, let us know on the IHP forum.

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