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NXLAuth for iOS Example Project

The examples need to be configured with an OpenID Connect issuer (or Authorization and Token endpoints manually), and the OAuth client information like the Client ID and Redirect URI.

Setup & Open the Project

  1. In your project folder, run the following command to install the AppAuth pod.
pod install
  1. Open the NXLAuthExample.xcworkspace workspace.
open NXLAuthExample.xcworkspace

This workspace is configured to include AppAuth via CocoaPods and NXLAuth Framework.


The example doesn't work out of the box, you need to configure it with your own client ID, Issuer, Redirect URI

Information You'll Need

  • Issuer
  • Client ID
  • Redirect URI

Configure the Example

In the file configuration.plist

  1. Update Issuer with the IdP's issuer.
  2. Update ClientID with your new client id.
  3. Update RedirectURI redirect URI


In the file Info.plist

Fully expand "URL types" (a.k.a. CFBundleURLTypes) and replace with the scheme of your redirect URI. The scheme is everything before the colon (:). For example, if the redirect URI is, then the scheme would be


Running the Example

Now your example should be ready to run.

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