An easy-to-use WordPress plugin to send PHP and JavaScript warnings, notices and errors to Rollbar.
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Rollbar for WordPress

Rollbar for WordPress is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to send warnings, notices and errors to Rollbar. With this plug-in, both your PHP and JavaScript errors will be transmitted to Rollbar (disabling JavaScript logging is optional).

Basic Usage

Getting started using Rollbar for WordPress is a quick three-step process:

  1. At the Plugins configuration page, activate the Rollbar for WordPress plug-in.

  2. Next, within the Settings menu, click on the new menu option called Rollbar to view the plug-in's settings page.

  3. Optionally enter a string in the Environment field that pertains to the environment your warnings and errors should be logged against.

Click Save Changes. You're done!

Upcoming Features

  • Nothing planned; if you've got an idea, contribute it as an GitHub Issue!

Tips & Tricks

Hardcoding Your Environment Name Into A Settings File

If you've got a sizable development team working on a WordPress project and a number of them are using Rollbar to debug issues, or you've got a development, staging and production environment that you regularly sync data across, you'll eventually run into a problem where you find out days or weeks later that a number of your environments have been reporting to Rollbar under the same name.

The easiest way to avoid this is to place a definition for the constant ROLLBAR_THIS_ENVIRONMENT in your wp-config settings file:

define('ROLLBAR_THIS_ENVIRONMENT', 'local-ssyed');

Once set, Rollbar for WordPress will always use this value regardless of the value set in the database.