A new digital procurement platform for the NSW Government.
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A new digital procurement platform for the NSW Government.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application which contains functionality for external and internal users.


  • Ruby – currently 2.5.0 (as defined in .ruby-version)
  • Bundler – install with gem install bundler
  • Yarn – for assets. On a Mac, install with brew install yarn
  • PostgreSQL – On a Mac, use Postgres.app)
  • ChromeDriver and Chrome – for running feature tests. On a Mac, install with Caskroom: brew cask install chromedriver
  • MailCatcher (optional) – for receiving emails in development. Install with gem install mailcatcher
  • ClamAV - used for virus scanning of uploaded documents

Setting up the application

If you are running the application for the first time, run bin/setup to install Ruby dependencies and initialize the database.

The application configuration in the development environment, including database names, is defined in .env.development, and loaded automatically in dev.

Running the application

foreman start

The app will launch by default at http://localhost:5000. (If you configure Foreman differently, the port may change.)

Running the test suite


This will run:

  • the RSpec test suite (in /spec)
  • an RCov coverage report, which will be saved to coverage/

Sending emails in development

To receive emails in development, use MailCatcher. It runs an SMTP server which catches emails and displays it in a web interface.

Install MailCatcher with gem install mailcatcher, then run mailcatcher in your console to start the server. Don't commit it to the Gemfile, as it causes conflicts.

Deployment to production

The app is a standard 12 factor app that should be possible to install on many platforms. It has been successfully installed on Heroku and Elastic Beanstalk on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There is some configuration for Elastic Beanstalk in .ebextensions and .elasticbeanstalk.

Continuous integration

We have been using CircleCI to run automated tests and deployment to testing environments. You will find configurations in .circleci.

We have two testing environments calls testing and staging. As you can find in circleci config file, commiting to master and staging branches will start a deploy to these environments.

How the application works

Documentation explaining the application architecture is available in the docs directory of this repo.

Copyright & Licence

Copyright NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Licensed under the MIT License.