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@github-actions github-actions released this 06 Oct 15:34
· 284 commits to main since this release


ab70dba k8s/doctl: remove ha flag from update command (#1040)
0b8dffd doctl/load-balancers: add flag to toggle automatic DNS record creation for certs attached to load balancers (#1039)
283ec46 k8s: add support for ha flag (#1035)
21425d3 Add "Supported Features" field in version options (#1034)
dc4e980 load-balancers: Add size unit to commands (#1033)
55c394d Remove unused Travis config. (#1030)
bf7a3ff Domain records update ttl put to patch per #1020 (#1027)
d633e28 droplet 1-click: Fix copy-pasta error in help string. (#1026)
4dfc59a updating doc to make --droplet-agent=false more clear per #1018 (#1019)
5f97b5d fixing typo in apps create-deployment per #1024 (#1025)

Docker images

  • docker pull digitalocean/doctl:1-latest
  • docker pull digitalocean/doctl:1.65.0

Note: This release contains beta functionality. If you are not a member of the beta group for this feature, you will not be able to use it until it has been more widely released. Please watch the official DigitalOcean changelog for updates.