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@github-actions github-actions released this 01 Nov 20:36
· 276 commits to main since this release


58b08f3 Fix probable bugs when unhandled errors (#1056)
bea5796 Update README: actualize doctl help info (#1057)
c8e30e8 Refactor: get rid of redundant type conversion (#1055)
067fa01 Refactor: replace raw regexp with google/uuid (#1053)
1747970 Fix typos in variables and functions (#1052)
3ac708b Use Cobra's default completion commands. (#1051)
440878b Refactor: preallocate slices (#1047)
6570121 Fix "Comment of exported element starts with the incorrect name" (#1050)
bcd895c readme: use go install instead of go get (#1048)
57d8404 safe type assertion, add missing error return (#1049)
a53a557 Grammar and typo fixes in comments and tests (#1046)
0789bfa Remove reference to TravisCI (#1045)
68e1d64 Adds dynamic completions for auth contexts (#1044)
1d5c983 feat(apps): added upsert flag to create subcommand (#1038)
b95e6f1 Upgrades Cobra dependency (#1031)
085f3c6 Ensure Snap name is "doctl" (#1043)
57879e2 Add Fedora to Installing doctl section (#1041)
ce121c1 Add Go 1.17 to the tests and release (#1036)

Docker images

  • docker pull digitalocean/doctl:1-latest
  • docker pull digitalocean/doctl:1.66.0