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go-qemu is a collection of Go packages for interacting with running QEMU instances. Apache 2.0 Licensed.

Feel free to join us in #go-qemu on freenode if you'd like to discuss the project.


Use go get to retrieve all of the packages in go-qemu:

$ go get


Here is a quick overview of each top-level package, and what they can be used for:

  • hypervisor: Package hypervisor provides management facilities for one or more QEMU virtual machines on a hypervisor.
    • Provides easier access for managing groups of VMs than the qemu package.
    • Provides access to individual qemu.Domain types.
  • qemu: Package qemu provides an interface for interacting with running QEMU instances.
    • Typically used for managing a single VM.
    • Good for quick experiments.
  • qmp: Package qmp enables interaction with QEMU instances via the QEMU Machine Protocol (QMP).
    • Typically not used by consumers outside of this repository.
    • Wraps code-generated types with friendlier APIs.


Package qemu is used in production at DigitalOcean, alongside package libvirt. This being said, it is possible that there may still be subtle bugs which could cause the packages to act in unexpected ways.

If you encounter any problems, please look at the open issues and if your problem does not match any of the ones listed, file a new issue with as much detail as you are willing to provide.

The API is not considered stable at this time. We do not anticipate making major changes to the API, but it is possible that the API may change over time, if deemed necessary by the project maintainers. If you would like to include package qemu in a project, we highly recommend vendoring it into your project.


Go packages to interact with QEMU using the QEMU Machine Protocol (QMP). Apache 2.0 Licensed.





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