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package backend
import (
// Pref tracks a global DigitalRebar Provision preference -- things like the
// bootenv to use for unknown systems trying to PXE boot to us, the
// default bootenv for known systems, etc.
type Pref struct {
func (p *Pref) New() store.KeySaver {
res := &Pref{Pref: &models.Pref{}}
res.rt = p.rt
return res
func AsPref(v models.Model) *Pref {
return v.(*Pref)
var prefLockMap = map[string][]string{
"get": {"preferences"},
"create": {"preferences:rw", "bootenvs", "stages", "workflows", "profiles", "params"},
"update": {"preferences:rw", "bootenvs", "stages", "workflows", "profiles", "params"},
"patch": {"preferences:rw", "bootenvs", "stages", "workflows", "profiles", "params"},
"delete": {"preferences:rw", "bootenvs", "stages", "workflows", "profiles", "params"},
"actions": {"preferences", "profiles", "params", "bootenvs", "stages", "workflows"},
func (p *Pref) Locks(action string) []string {
return prefLockMap[action]
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