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package backend
import (
// Workflow is a the backend model wrapper for Workflow.
// This struct also includes validation helpers.
type Workflow struct {
// SetReadOnly is a helper function to set the ReadOnly flag.
func (w *Workflow) SetReadOnly(b bool) {
w.ReadOnly = b
// SaveClean is a helper function to run the model version's
// ClearValidation function before converting back to
// an object that can be stored in the backend.
func (w *Workflow) SaveClean() store.KeySaver {
mod := *w.Workflow
return toBackend(&mod, w.rt)
// AsWorkflow cast a models.Model interface to
// *Workflow (helper function)
func AsWorkflow(o models.Model) *Workflow {
return o.(*Workflow)
// AsWorkflows converts a list of models.Model to
// a list of *Worfklow (helper function)
func AsWorkflows(o []models.Model) []*Workflow {
res := make([]*Workflow, len(o))
for i := range o {
res[i] = AsWorkflow(o[i])
return res
// New creates a new empty instance of Workflow.
// The ForceChanged and RT fields are propogated.
func (w *Workflow) New() store.KeySaver {
res := &Workflow{Workflow: &models.Workflow{}}
if w.Workflow != nil && w.ChangeForced() {
res.rt = w.rt
return res
// Indexes returns a map of the indexes allowed for
// Workflow objects.
func (w *Workflow) Indexes() map[string]index.Maker {
fix := AsWorkflow
res := index.MakeBaseIndexes(w)
res["Name"] = index.Make(
func(i, j models.Model) bool {
return fix(i).Name < fix(j).Name
func(ref models.Model) (gte, gt index.Test) {
name := fix(ref).Name
return func(ss models.Model) bool {
return fix(ss).Name >= name
func(ss models.Model) bool {
return fix(ss).Name > name
func(ss string) (models.Model, error) {
res := fix(w.New())
res.Name = ss
return res, nil
return res
// Validate sets the valid and available flags
// for the Workflow. This assumes that locks are
// held as appropriate, if needed.
func (w *Workflow) Validate() {
w.AddError(index.CheckUnique(w, w.rt.stores("workflows").Items()))
if !w.SetValid() {
for _, stageName := range w.Stages {
if stage := w.rt.find("stages", stageName); stage == nil {
w.Errorf("Stage %s does not exist", stageName)
} else if !stage.(*Stage).Available {
w.Errorf("Stage %s is not available", stageName)
// BeforeSave validates the state of the Workflow.
// This is used generally before saving but also
// when an object needs to initialized and
// validated.
func (w *Workflow) BeforeSave() error {
if !w.Validated {
return w.MakeError(422, ValidationError, w)
return nil
// OnLoad initializes the Workflow when loaded from the data store.
func (w *Workflow) OnLoad() error {
defer func() { w.rt = nil }()
return w.BeforeSave()
var workflowLockMap = map[string][]string{
"get": {"workflows"},
"create": {"stages", "bootenvs", "machines", "tasks", "templates", "profiles", "workflows:rw"},
"update": {"stages", "bootenvs", "machines", "tasks", "templates", "profiles", "workflows:rw"},
"patch": {"stages", "bootenvs", "machines", "tasks", "templates", "profiles", "workflows:rw"},
"delete": {"stages", "bootenvs", "machines", "tasks", "templates", "profiles", "workflows:rw"},
"actions": {"workflows", "stages", "profiles", "params"},
// Locks returns the object lock list for a given action for the Workflow object
func (w *Workflow) Locks(action string) []string {
return workflowLockMap[action]
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