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IMified Party

Wrapper for the IMified API, with real application authentication, using HTTParty.

What is IMified?

From the website: "Easily IM enable your applications with one simple API. If you can create a web page, now you can easily create an interactive IM Bot."


This piece of code uses HTTParty for its magic. All IMified methods should be supported, but you may need to reference the IMified API docs to understand how they work.

For information on the underlying IMified API, visit


gem install imified_party


require 'rubygems'
require 'imified_party'

USERNAME = '...'
PASSWORD = '...'
BOT_KEY  = '...'
USER_KEY = '...'

# For IM, updates your bot's extended status. For twitter, posts a status update.
response = im.update_status("your message", "twitter")

# receive user details for a bot user
response = im.get_user(USER_KEY)

# receive the user details for all users of a bot as well as a user count
response = im.get_all_users

# push a message to a bot user
response = im.send("your message", USER_KEY)
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