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Islandora Web Annotations Documentation Table of Contents - Release 7.x - 1.10

Configuring Solr

After installing the required modules, Solr must be modified to index annotations and settings need to be reviewed in the administrative interface.

Configuring Content Models and Solution Packs

Islandora contexts must be set for each content model you wish to enable annotation for. These pages describe the process for each of the following content types.

Web Annotation User Workflows

Annotation workflows vary between installations. Enabling your workflow involves setting permissions and being aware of the behaviour when multiple users are creating annotations.

Using Web Annotations within the Islandora Ecosystem

The Web Annotation Utility works quite well with the Islandora ecosystem, but the integration is not seamless. Be aware of the following workarounds.


These pages may be useful for some.

Known Issues

  • If Aggregate JavaScript files. option is selected in admin/config/development/performance, it causes the video annotations not work. (issue#255)
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