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Work in progress, interface in subject to discussions.

Example repository is: http://github.com/digitarald/digitarald-more/

Manifest Components

Project: manifest.yml

Describes project-wide metadata

Single File: Inline YML

Describes the metadata for a single file

Metadata Keys

Reduced, incomplete version of possible keys.


Short description of the project. allows markdown


List of authors, can be a string or a hash with name, email and homepage.


Dependencies to other source files. Single string or array of strings.


Dependencies to assets. Single string or array of strings.

Dependency paths

Paths are lax and can contain the wildcard *. The first matched element is returned. If a wildcard is used, more files are matched.


  • repository: Can be an official alias like core or more, a user/repo-path to github or a local repository
  • path: Can be the full or partial path to the file
  • Core – resolves to Core.js
  • Core/Core – resolves to Core.js
  • Core/* – resolves to all files in Core
  • core:Core – resolves to Core.js
  • core:Core/* – resolves to all files in Core