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Commits on Jul 22, 2009
  1. - shorter and faster syntax-matcher in Element.Deletegate

    Harald Kirschner committed
Commits on Jul 21, 2009
  1. @anutron

    adding logger to Depender (disabled by default)

    anutron committed
    removing errant apostrophe
  2. @anutron

    adding event delegation

    anutron committed
Commits on Jul 20, 2009
  1. @anutron
  2. @anutron
  3. @anutron

    adding css file for default styles for Mask

    anutron committed
    updating docs and whatnot per the css changes
  4. @anutron
Commits on Jul 19, 2009
  1. @anutron
  2. @anutron

    More work on Depender.js

    anutron committed
    * adding mechanisms to specify easily which scripts are already loaded.
    * preventing more than one instance from running. 
    * all scripts are always loaded serially now.
    * adding some more events. adding docs.
  3. @anutron

    cleaned up Depender, added some events, added a serial option (for IE…

    anutron committed
    …6), and some other stuff.
    added test for Depender
  4. @anutron

    refactoring Keyboard quite a bit.

    anutron committed
    adding tests for Keyboard.
  5. @anutron

    updating docs for Keyboard, Waiter, and Mask

    anutron committed
    Accrediting Perrin for Keyboard
    Adding Events for onActivate and onDeactivate for Keyboard
    removing hideElements and elementsToHide from Mask
  6. @henrikh @anutron

    Fixed errors in Docs for Date.Extra

    henrikh committed with anutron
    Updated the descriptions to match what they actually described.
  7. @henrikh @anutron
  8. @henrikh @anutron

    Added extra expressions in date.timeDiffInWords

    henrikh committed with anutron
    Added week, month and year as expressions that can be outputted.
  9. @anutron

    getting rid of the visiblity styles in tips; making onHide/Show defau…

    anutron committed
    …lt to display:block/none
  10. @anutron
  11. @anutron

    Merge branch 'master' into me

    anutron committed
  12. @anutron

    um. core 1.2.3. again?

    anutron committed
  13. @anutron

    cleaning up keyboard a bit.

    anutron committed
    adding new dependency loader
  14. @anutron

    updating headers in new files

    anutron committed
  15. @anutron

    moving Keyboard into Interface

    anutron committed
  16. @anutron

    Fixed an error and removed log statement.

    CrypticSwarm committed with anutron
  17. @anutron

    Keyboard.js has a class that acts as a proxy so you can addEvents to …

    CrypticSwarm committed with anutron
    …for individual characters. Can also use modifiers.
    Also added in Keyboard docs.
  18. @anutron
  19. @anutron

    updating to latest core

    anutron committed
  20. @anutron
  21. @anutron

    ignoring scroll location if masking the document body.

    anutron committed
    assigning ids (if not specified) using $time instead of to remove dependency on Date.js
  22. @anutron

    Updated docs a bit.

    anutron committed
    Added ability to ignore scroll position with Element.Position.
  23. @anutron
  24. @anutron

    nah. not worth it.

    anutron committed
  25. @anutron

    adding credit card validator

    anutron committed
  26. @anutron

    adding click styles

    anutron committed
  27. @anutron
  28. @anutron

    adding new plugin: Mask

    anutron committed
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