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**Sly** is all about selectors and matching them against elements.
### Basic Syntax
> *`engine`* = **`Sly`**`(selector);`
> *`result`* = `engine.`*`method`*`(...);`
engine = Sly(selector);
result = engine.method(...);
**Arguments**: `selector` (*required*) is a CCS selector.
**Returns**: The **Sly** instance, holding all the methods for querying and matching elements (*instances are cached*).
Shorter notation:
Shorter notation without variable:
result = Sly(selector).method(...);
> *`result`* = **`Sly`**`(selector).`*`method`*`(...);`
### Sly generics
Every method is also accessible in a different notation:
> *`result`* = **`Sly`**`.`*`method`*`(selector, ...);`
result = Sly.method(selector, ...);
found =, parent)
// is the same as
found = Sly(selector).search(parent);
// and to make it clear:
bool = new Sly(selector).match(someElement);
// is the same as
bool = Sly.match(match, someElement);
bool = Sly.match(selector, someElement);
### Querying with *search* and *find*
> *`elements`* = **`Sly`**`(selector).search([parent]);`
elements = Sly(selector).search([parent]);
**Arguments**: parent (*optional*) the document or an element.
@@ -78,9 +85,11 @@ Examples:
// Finds something and looks really complex
inputs ='form[action$=/send/] label~span+input[type=text]:first-child');
You can also query for a *single* element:
#### Single result
> *`element`* = **`Sly`**`.find(selector[, parent]);`
You can also reduce the queried result to a *single* element:
element = Sly.find(selector[, parent]);
**Returns**: The first matched element or `null`.
@@ -94,13 +103,13 @@ Descendants can be at the beginning of a selector, using the optional `parent` e
children ='> :odd', parent);
// Finds the next slibing of parent, if its an anchor
anchors = Sly.find('+ a');
anchors = Sly.find('+ a', parent);
// Finds all slibings from parent that are `div` blocks
blocks = Sly.find('~div');
blocks = Sly.find('~div', parent);
// Finds all descendant children, of all descendant children, of all descendant children, of all descendant children of parent
items = Sly.find('>>>>');
items = Sly.find('>>>>', parent);
#### Customisation
@@ -113,21 +122,21 @@ Descendants can be at the beginning of a selector, using the optional `parent` e
### Matching with *match* and *find*
> *`bool`* = **`Sly`**`(selector).match(element);`
bool = Sly(selector).match(element);
**Argument**: element (*required*) to check against.
**Argument**: `element` (*required*) to check against.
**Returns**: `true` if the `element` matches the `selector` properties, otherwise `false`.
> *`bool`* = **`Sly`**`(selector).filter(elements);`
bool = Sly(selector).filter(elements);
**Argument**: element (*required*) to check against.
**Argument**: `element` (*required*) to check against.
**Returns**: A new `Array` of elements, containing all the elements that matched the `selector` properties.
### Parsing with *parse*
> *`list`* = **`Sly`**`(selector).parse([plain]);`
list = Sly(selector).parse([plain]);
**Arguments**: If `plain` (*optional*) is `true`, the parser will not call `Sly.compute` to add additional search and match
methods to the representation.
@@ -195,14 +204,23 @@ to release it to the public.
I hope it inspires other developers to incorporate it completely or take apart the source so that it is used within their libraries or work.
## Planned
* Support for more *pseudo-classes* like `:root`, but do people really need them?
* Support for namespaces, e.g. `ns|tag-name`
## Licence & Copyright
This documentation is released under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
## Credits
It was once branched from [*MooTools*]( (somewhere between 1.11 and 1.2) so it follows its architecture and uses overlapping helpers.
* Thanks to [*Steven Levithan*](, the master of regular expressions, for all the optimisation tips
* Additional custom pseudo-classes on *jQuery*
## Licence
See [LICENSE](master/LICENSE).

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