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Proactive Ticketing Solutions

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  1. lalit lalit Public

    A GitHub copy of the XML2Array class provided by

    PHP 71 38

  2. terraform-aws-cli terraform-aws-cli Public

    Run the AWS CLI, with the ability to run under an assumed role, to access resources and properties missing from the Terraform AWS Provider.

    Shell 26 11

  3. star-web-print star-web-print Public

    A GitHub copy of the StarMicronics Web Print code found at

    JavaScript 17 10

  4. omnipay-barclays-epdq omnipay-barclays-epdq Public

    Barclays ePDQ Essential payment gateway integration into the Omnipay library.

    PHP 10 17

  5. omnipay-realex omnipay-realex Public

    Realex payment gateway driver for the Omnipay library

    PHP 7 24

  6. omnipay-datacash omnipay-datacash Public

    DataCash driver for Omnipay PHP library

    PHP 6 7


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